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Please visit our Web site regularly when you are looking for used surface analysis equipment such as ion guns, analyzers, or controls. All PCS Gerstl refurbished optics includes a one-year warranty. If you are selling a used system or used components, please click on contact us ! service and maintenance available to keep that system up and running!

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1800 XPS System Model SOLD

SOLD !!!! Dual X-Ray source AlMg X-Ray monochromater Sputter gun PHI 04-303 (Argon) Neutralizer type 04-090 Optical microscope coupled with JVC camera and Sony monitor. Access software = PHI-summit
[Product Details...]

4300 AUGER depth profiler work horse

4300 AUGER depth profieler 1000 Angström resolution this system stay under vacuum !
[Product Details...]

5400 ESCA PHI low prize sale in stock !!

ON SALE delivery from stock PHI 5400 ESCA more details on request page isnt finish !
[Product Details...]

545 AUGER with bell JAR SOLD

As is 8000,00 EURO lower prize plus shipping stay in Europe - was in working conditions! Optic refurbished good for checking of coatings Stand alone bell jar chamber with TNBX Ion pump TNBX Manipulator with motor drive Analyzer 15 110 CMA
[Product Details...]

545 TNBX chamber with ion pump and valve SOLD

545 TNBX chamber turbo and valve and manipulator To use for a prep chamber
[Product Details...]

590 system AUGER SOLD

Used refurbished system picture is from a instrument wich have similare construction details
[Product Details...]

600 System PHI AUGER

600 System PHI AUGER with duoplasmatron (option !!) and new software
[Product Details...]

660 Scanning Auger System Model 660 in stock

Scanning Auger System Model 660 EXW + new software
[Product Details...]

PHI 5600LS XPS System with monochromator on sale in stock

NEW in stock PHI 5600LS XPS System with new style monochromator large sample stage up to 120 samples
[Product Details...]

PHI 660 Scanning Auger Systemcv SOLD

PHI 660 Scanning Auger System with Field Emitter This system is being sold as is (non-refurbished) but was functional when it was shut down and has been under service contract since it was new. Contact us for more information and full specifications
[Product Details...]


PHI AUGER 4300 system we have 2 system stocked and ready to ship excelent depth profiler
[Product Details...]

Scanning Auger System Model 600

Scanning Auger System Model 600 with new software one system is for you ask for the details
[Product Details...]

tnbx pump

tnbx pump is the base of such chambers 240 Ltr
[Product Details...]


please get in touch with me for the details
[Product Details...]

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PHI AUGER 4300 system we have 2 system stocked and ready to ship excelent depth profiler

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