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Ion gun G2

Ion gun G2

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Base package includes the Model 04-165 2 kV Backfill Ion Source and the Model 32-165 Ion Source Control, cables and manual.

2 Year Warranty

Optional Accessories: Gas Admission: leak valve, gas bottle; Alignment: X-Y bellows

Replacement filaments and ionizer assemblies are also available.

For more information and to get a quote, please contact our sales department at 541-330-0723 x
310 or send an email to sales@rbdinstruments.com.

More Details:

PHI Compatible

The RBD 04-165 Ion Source is interchangeable with the PHI 04-161 and 04-162 ion guns. The
RBD 32-165 Ion Source Control is interchangeable with the PHI 20-045 control. As a result, the
RBD Model 04-165 works with the PHI 20-045, and the PHI 04-161 and 04-162 ion guns work
with the RBD Model 32-165.


The Model 04-165 Backfill Ion Source generates an energetic inert gas ion beam for sputter-
etching solid surfaces. The source requires a static pressure of 5x10-5 torr with an inert gas such
as argon (see datasheet for list of compatible gasses). Ions are generated by electron impact
within the ion source’s dual filament ionization chamber and are then focused at the target with
energies of up to 2 kV. The impurity content of the ion beam is minimized by using an off-
axis filament geometry. A focusing lens permits high ion current density to be obtained for a
given operating pressure and source-to-sample distance. A dual tungsten filament assembly
permits continued operation when the first filament opens. The expected lifetime of the filament
assembly is several years under normal usage at the recommended operating conditions. The
filament assembly is easily replaced in the field.

The Model 32-165 2 kV Ion Source Control provides all the necessary voltages and currents
required to operate the Model 04-165 2 kV Backfill Ion Source. The beam voltage may be
activated manually, remotely, or with the built-in timer. Additionally, the anode (ion) and
filament currents, as well as the beam and focus voltages, may be externally monitored to ensure
accurate reproduction of sputtering conditions.

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