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The 9103 is a general purpose picoammeter designed with vacuum scientists and engineers in mind. The optional built-in +90 volt positive bias increases the accuracy of electron and ion current measurements in vacuum systems. The user interface includes data logging so that you can record and graph the results of your current measurements with respect to time or other variables. The USB hardware interface is plug-and-play and operates under Windows, Mac, or Linux. Additionally, the firmware commands are written in ASCII, making it easy for you to write your own application.

Applications Include:

  • Electron & ion bean current measurements
  • Mass spectrometer current measurements
  • Photodiode current & leakage measurements
  • Beam and particle monitoring
  • Spectrometer measurements
  • Data logging current comparisons


USB Interface 160 mW power consumption
2 nA minimum DAC Resolution

0.1 pA

2 mA minimum DAC Resolution 100 nA
Range 2 nA to 2 mA with 100 fA resolution
Connections Input: BNC; Analog Output: Banana jacks

Picoammeter Control With Actuel


Actuel is RBD’s newest software application. A play on words (Actuel is French for “current”, as in “at the present moment”), Actuel provides the interface to RBD’s new 9103 Picoammeter. Version 1 of Actuel provides a control and display medium for the Picoammeter, as well as an interface that provides data sampling and recording (data logging). In addition, the software provides a console for accessing advanced features of the Picoammeter, including calibration and diagnostics.

Features Include:

  • Easy-to-read current display and status information
  • Stability and over/under-range status
  • Range and sample rate selection
  • Null offset control
  • Optional bias control
  • Data recording with formatting options for scientific notations, units, etc.

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