PCS Gerstl - Celebrating over 10 years of Innovations for the Surface Science Industry

We are specialized in servicing, repair, redesign and upgrading older Physical Electronics - ULVAC PHI,


formerly known as  a division of Perkin-Elmer especially AUGER, ESCA, SIMS systems and components

WINDOWS 10 operating system work with AUGERSCAN + AUGERMAP

We can replace old (APOLLO) PC`s with WIN 3.11, NT, XP operating system´s and also DASH boards including PCI bridges.

We are servicing  ULVAC -  PHI units: http://www.ulvac-phi.com

  • all kinds of PHI AUGER, ESCA, SIMS systems - with new products for exchange of componenents
  • VARIAN electronics and equipment
  • Balzers RF generators  QMH series rep.+ tuning of quads.
  • Instrument interface upgrades includ new software
  • Factory repair of electronics and optics
  • Buying and selling refurbished systems and components
  • On site installations and repair service
  • Prepaid Service plans - service contracts!
  • Surface analysis services on request
    • Consumable items  AND spare parts


  • move of your instrument- relocation, reinstall and recalibrate