Service contract

Service Plan

Prepaid Service Plan    PSP

The PCS Service  PREPAID SERVICE PLAN provides a mechanism for customers to

pre-pay for system service and parts. This is especiallyhelpful for government and

university customers who receiving funding on annual basis and must allocate

their funds. Unlike other service plans,this plan allows for preventive

maintenance, emergency service, expendable parts and even PC upgrades

and does not require pre-acceptance.


Preventive Maintenance

Electronic parts

Expendable items

Emergency Service

Factory repair


Technical support


System moves

PC upgrades



The cost of the service plan varies depending on estimated service requirements for the system.

Please contact PC Service for a free consultation on your requirements.

We would be glad to explain the difference  between contracts like  M1/E1 and PSP

Your system needs good service to run long - without trouble.


If you need a service contract in PHI style M1/E1 please let us know we are flexible